Technical SEO

SEO is a complex, rapidly changing and essential part of today’s digital marketing. Technical SEO alone is as important as ever. Get it wrong and it can prove costly. Unlike paid search, SEO can’t be bought but it can be earned, and we’ll earn it for you.


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What’s Included in Our Technical SEO Services?

Technical optimization covers an array of factors that influence SEO performance. These may range from accessibility and indexation, site architecture, URL structures and crawl errors, to eradication of duplicate content and improving the usability, speed and render of your website.

Quality Traffic

All traffic isn't created equal. We work on bringing you the traffic with highest intent to convert.

Cost-Effective Pricing

With fast ROI from organic search, it's one of the best marketing investment.

Comprehensive Analysis

Dissecting your site technical issues from a crawler and user’s point of view.

Trusted Processes

Our proven approach will both keep your site safe and maximize its full potential.

Advanced Paid Tools

We use a range of premium tools to identify technical issues and provide required solutions.

Team Work

Our experienced SEOs work in conjunction with your developer team through the entire process.

Our Approach to SEO

Technical SEO is a big part of what we do. Ensuring your website is fit for search is the solid foundation of any successful SEO strategy nowadays. We maximize organic search visibility and minimize the risk of Google penalties by analyzing your website for any technical issues. We prioritize what and how to fix in a way that improves ROI from organic traffic. Let us help you do that.


Technical SEO


Site Migration


Penalty Removal


Full-blown SEO Audits

Technical SEO Audits

Our SEO audits are a deep-dive approach to all things technical. We present our recommendations in an actionable, easy-to-understand format, supported by associated crawl data. The audits can provide a comprehensive, long-term roadmap for improvement and prevention of traffic loss.

Site Migration

Website migrations carry both huge risks and great opportunities. Whether rebranding, changing CMS platforms, redesigning a site or moving to HTTPS secure serving, a migration can have profound effects on a business if it goes wrong. Our proven approach will both keep your site safe and ensure a smooth, trouble-free transition.

Technical SEO
Google Penalty Removal

If your site has lost organic traffic, positions, leads or sales, and you’re not sure about the reason, then it’s possible you’ve received a Google penalty. Not sure whether it is a content-based Panda penalty, a link-based Penguin filter or a manual action? With our experience and trusted process, we can diagnose the problem and help your site recover its visibility, rankings, traffic and sales.

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